Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Lions Digital Media offers Local, Statewide, Nationwide and International SEO services that drive the audience looking for your product or service to your website. With millions of websites how do you expect for yours to be found? There is only two methods and one of them is by hiring our team of SEO specialists to curate a plan specifically for your website and implement that plan and watch your ranking and visitor count grow. We don’t use “tricks” to get your website found as the quick tactics some companies use that can have a reverse outcome and have your website blacklisted. We do things the right way and our team is on top of the changes search engines make so that adjustments are made immediately.

First, our team will conduct a site audit to find things that are working and things that are preventing your site from ranking well. Those issues will be fixed, then we use a tool to research keywords relevant to your brand and based on that information those keywords will be optimized for your site. Lastly, they will start building your backlinks so other sites are passing pagerank to your website and share with you what content needs to be improved on your site.

SEO should be a strategy used for a long term game plan. Do not be fooled by companies out there promising too good to be true results in a short period of time. SEO takes time, there are millions if not billions of websites in the world wide web and our team of experts with our unlimited keywords program continually make changes and test what bring in more traffic to your site and helps with your ranking.

You have to have a search engine optimized website “the back end” to improve your search engine visibility. If the coding in the back end is not up to date then doing SEO is useless. This is not a one time update this is something that has to be on going. Technology changes and your website needs to be have updated coding, which our team takes care of as a part of our full service unlimited keyword SEO solution.

  • Keyword analysis
  • Keyword assignment
  • Site SEO code optimization
  • Site content SEO check
  • Site internal link optimization
  • Advanced search engine optimization and external linking
  • Monthly report